2011 SRF Keynote Speaker: Dr. Harriet Hall

Dr. Harriet Hall, also known as “The SkepDoc,” is a retired family physician who writes about questionable medical treatments, alternative medicine, pseudoscience, and critical thinking. She has a regular column in Skeptic magazine, is a contributing editor to Skeptical Inquirer, and is one of the five founding physicians of the multi-author Science-Based Medicine blog Dr. Hall will be speaking on the topic "Evidence Based Medicine Isn't Enough" - whenever possible, we try to offer patients treatments proven effective by scientific evidence. The current guidelines for evidence based medicine (EBM) are flawed because they give too little weight to prior plausibility and too much weight to trials that amount to junk science or “Tooth Fairy” science. True science-based medicine (SBM) puts all the information from clinical trials and basic science into perspective. So-called “alternative medicine” is a non-scientific concept and although some of its treatments claim to be evidence-based, a rigorously science based analysis rejects most of them. Homeopathy and acupuncture “work” but not better than placebos; they provide good examples of the principles involved.

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